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Furry And Fabulous Dog Grooming

My name is Ashley and I've been grooming for 11 years! I’m so excited to bring a cozy grooming salon to Tea and surrounding area! I take so much pride in what I do and enjoy seeing the transformations after a good bath and haircut.

I use a great variety of shampoos that will be tailored to your dogs specific needs. I have the products needed to help relieve those itchy allergy seasons or to just create a soft silky feel. Do you have a heavy shedder at home like me? No Problem! lets give them a good deshed and blowout.

I offer nail grinding to add to your included nail trim to make those nails smoother and shorter. Teeth brushing is also a service I offer!  Walk-in nail trims are always welcomed during open times (Its always best to call ahead to make sure I will be there)

I have the patience it takes to work with those excited puppies and the ones who have had a harder past to overcome. Id say my favorite thing about grooming is developing the trust and relationship with your pet as if they were my own. Watching them grown and learn to love the process is always rewarding!
I include ear cleaning, anal gland expression and nail trimming(grinding is additional) with each bath and haircut apt.

Full Service Dog Grooming

  • Nail Trimming

    We will use a dremel to file down those sharp and jagged edges after dogs nails are clipped. It leaves nails shorter, smoother and close to the quick.

  • Teeth Brushing

    Much like brushing you’re own teeth at home but we will only use a dog safe and approved toothpaste!

  • Dog Grooming and Styling

    Your dog will receive a bath using a shampoo tailored to their needs (dry skin, greasy hair or skin conditions) a good blow dry and brush out, The haircut and length will be based on your preference and coat condition. Nails will be clipped, ears cleaned and anal gland expressed as well.

  • Anal Gland Expression

    Anal glands, carry some smelly fluid and sometimes need to be expressed. Occasionally the glands fill with fluid and your dog needs some help releasing them. I only express externally. If they have issues with them such as constant scooting or biting at hind end, then vet attention may be needed to express internally as well.

  • Flea and Tick Treatment

    I only use natural shampoo and products to help rid of fleas during their spa day. Talk to your vet about a good preventative measures to keep fleas off your dog.

  • Ear Cleaning

    Using a ear wash to remove wax and dirt. Hair will be plucked within the canal if needed as well.

  • Bathing and Blow Drying

    Great for shorthaired dogs such as labs, pugs and Shepard’s. With this service they will receive a bath using a shampoo tailored to their needs (dry skin, greasy hair or skin conditions) a good blow dry and brush out, nails clipped, ears cleaned and anal gland expression.

    Deshed Treatments

    Using products that grab hold of the loose or packed in undercoat. A high velocity dryer and brushes will help get rid of all that extra hair, leaving them soft and silky.

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